Jun 5, 2015


Nov 20, 2014


This is the first single from the upcoming full length "Dream Dealer"

Instrumental - glorified muzak - work/study/smoke music

Out Jan 6 '15

free download

Aug 26, 2013

New Albums

Currently working on two new albums. Stay updated below.


Jan 22, 2013


Now that we have dissolved our Facebook, these newsletters and our website sleepgood.net will be our only means of staying connected.

We are currently in the depths of recording our second LP  
"Dream Dealer" which will surely be radically different from any of our previous releases. We will be recording for the next year and will be using every resource we have to make it our best record yet.  In the past we have always recorded straight to tape. This will be the first time we combine the endless possibilities of digital recording with the soul of the tape machine. 

We are also proud to announce that we've been accepted as an official SXSW band. This show in fact, will be our only performance until our record is finished.  It will be for our record label Pau Wau Records.

We will also be making some new t-shirts soon. If you have any designs you would like to submit you can send them to will.sleepgood@gmail.com

Thank you so much for all of your help.

Jun 20, 2012

Pau Wau Records Releases Our New Vinyl

Super stoked to announce that Pau Wau Records has now put out our new 7" titled "MONSANTO" 

Handmade cyanotype covers on watercolor paper.

Click to listen and download for free.


Sleep Good Dot Net Launched!